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Greennuts virgin coconut oil is processed from fresh green mature coconuts of our coastal area in most hygienic atmosphere. It tastes like fresh coconut, smells the natural aroma and has got brilliant transparent color. It is not only an oil but also a food supplement. There is no comparison between ordinary coconut oil and virgin coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil is manufactured within one hour after plucking nuts from the coconut tree. it is absolutely free from chemicals.

          Greennuts virgin coconut oil contains about 45% to 50% of lauric acid. Lauric acid which is available naturally only in mother’s milk, is present in virgin coconut oil This medium chain fatty acid helps to improve the nutrient absorption and digestive functions of the body. The high lauric acid contents make vco a natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti fungal substance. As a result vitamins which strengthen the body immune system are not depleted.

Main Advantages of Greennuts virgin coconut oil

  • Virgin coconut oil is an excellent cooking oil
  • As a good hair oil- it prevents hairfall, stimulates hair growth effectively, fight dryness of scalp and gives thick dandruff free black hair.
  • It is the best and safest massage oil for newborn babies. We can use it as a moisturizer and can be used as a sunscreen.
  • Helps to control body weight. Work against obesty.Regular use of vco increases the HDL or good cholesterol and decreases LDL or bad cholesterol.
  • It helps to regulate blood sugar level.
  • Virgin coconut oil enhances immunity power.

  •           Virgin coconut oil is a functional food can be defined as a food that provides health benefits and basic nutrients. We are also manufacturing best quality edible coconut oil. It is available in pet bottles, Hdep bottles and also one liter and half liter pouch packing.